Major Activities

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  • General Affairs Department

    A. Support conference and academic activity of the branch

    B. Foster dentist and support activity for improving dental specialist training system

    C. Managing prosthetic treatments as a part of national insurance

    D. Effectively organize operation of the academy

  • Academic Department

    A. Prepare and hold spring and fall conference

    B. Organize and host an academic symposium

    C. Support branch conferences

  • Treasury Department

    A. Secure budget support of each department activity

    B. Computerize and standardize financial business 

    C. Promote payment rate of annual fee

    D. Strengthen transparency of accountings based on external audit 

  • Public Information Department

    A. Advertisement for regular academic activity (conference/lecture/online education, etc.) and efficiency for news story

    B. Invigorate newsletter of the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics

    C. Photos, videos, and findings scraps of various academic events

    D. Public relations regarding other spring · fall conference and academic conference

    E. Serve as catalysts among the central organization, each branch, and members

    F. Strengthening communication with the general public and members through the website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

    G. Collaboration with relevant departments

  • Public Relations Division

    A. Exhibit spring and fall KAP conference booths and liaison sponsorship giveaways

    B. Exhibit spring and fall branch conference booths and liaison sponsorship giveaways

    C. Maintenance and development of annual sponsor system 

    D. Liaison conference workshop sponsorship

  • International Affairs Department

    A. Liaison foreign speaker for spring, fall conference

    B. Continue exchange with CPS, JPS

    C. Inform international academic activities and business support 

    D. Introduce and promote KAP to foreign dentists through English website

  • Research & Online Education Department

    A. Strengthen online education contents

    B. Continuously promote and develop conference supported research project

    C. Prepare workshop for summer education and guidance 

    D. Publicize dentures’ day, prepare ceremonies, and promote regional activity

    E. Effective implementation of research projects supported by the society

  • Insurance Department

    A. Development of a plan for the application of prosthodontic treatment benefits in response to the expansion of health insurance coverage

    B. Smooth communication through regular meetings between the Korean Dental Association and the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics 

    C. Responses and suggestions regarding requests for opinions from organizations such as the Dental Association, Dental Society, and Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service

    D. Training and recommendation of experts in health insurance-related matters 

    E. Exploration of directions for supplementing prosthodontic insurance through analysis of data from the Health Insurance Corporation

    F. Regular updates of prosthodontic insurance-related notices on the society's website

  • Editorial(Korean) Department

    A. Stable maintenance of listing in the Korea Citation Index

    B. Qualitative improvement and diversification of submitted papers

    C. Application for and receipt of support for domestic journals from the association

    D. Enhancement of operational convenience in the manuscript review system

    E. Revision of submission regulations

  • Editorial(English) Department

    A. Increase citation index

    B. Reform of the Editorial Board

    C. Appointment of internationally recognized reviewers

    D. Enhancement of the qualitative and quantitative standards of submitted papers

    E. Promotion of the academic journal

    F. Increase in the number of journal issues

    G. Application for and receipt of support for the international journal of the association

    H. Revision of submission regulations

  • Legislative Department

    A. Submit opinion of the academy regarding complaints

    B. Consultation and provision of legal Information for members' prosthodontic-related complaints

    C. Legal general advisory 

    D. Participate in foreign committee and adjustment 

    E. Perform relevant business regarding amendment of internal regulations and detailed enforcement if necessary

  • Information and Communication Department

    A. Reform of homepage

    B. Performance improvement of mobile homepage and activate academy’s homepage

    C. Protect members’ personal information through security enhancement of the homepage 

    D. Strengthen contents of online education center

  • Training Department

    A. Business related to improvement of dental specialist system

    B. Workshop for expert committee 

    C. [Members Management Center Committee]

      1) Newly setup regulations regarding specialists and supplement regulation on accredited practitioners

      2) Management of accredited practitioners and education guidance

    D. [Training Management Committee]

    (1) Revision of residency training curriculum by years of experience

    (2) Improvement of online training record book functionality

    (3) Update of resident education programs by years

    (4) Inspection of accredited training institutions (Targeting non-accredited institutions by dental association)

    (5) Implementation of new resident orientation, digital program education for second-year residents, and implant program education for third-year residents

  • Board Certification Department

    A. Conducting the Specialist Dentist Qualification Examination

    B. Implementation and schedule management of accredited practitioners examination by the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics

    C. Question development education workshop to strengthen the capabilities of directors

    D. Workshop to enhance the competence of examiners for specialist qualification examinations for professional job evaluations

    E. Clinical examination development education workshop to evaluate integrated thinking in specialist qualification examinations